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Te Whāriki: An introduction to the early childhood curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand

A brief introduction to the structure, aims and values of New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.

What do I need to know to implement Te Whāriki 2017?

An overview of the key changes to the 2017 update of Te Whāriki and what they mean for practice.


Principle of Empowerment | Whakamana

An introduction to the principle of empowerment and some specific practices for empowering young children and their families.

Principle of Holistic Development | Kotahitanga

An overview of the different aspects of children’s learning and development that contribute to their holistic development.

Principle of Family and Community | Whānau Tangata

An overview of the principle of family and community and strategies for building meaningful relationships with families.

Principle of Relationships | Ngā Hononga

An introduction to the principle of relationships and their crucial role in early childhood education.


Wellbeing strand | Mana Atua

The key concepts underpinning the wellbeing strand of Te Whāriki and practices for supporting children’s wellbeing in early childhood settings.

Belonging strand | Mana whenua

The benefits of attending to young children’s sense of belonging and features of practice that support and develop it.

Contribution strand | Mana Tangata

The main ideas underpinning the contribution strand and how to build and enable children’s contribution in early childhood settings.

Communication strand | Mana Reo

An introduction to the wide range of skills that encompass the communcation strand, and strategies for supporting the development of children’s communication.

Exploration strand | Mana Āoturoa

The key skills involved in the exploration strand and how to support and enable them.



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