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Executive function in early childhood

An explanation of what we mean by executive function and why it’s important, along with some practical and readily usable strategies for building executive function in young children.

Strategies and activities for strengthening executive function in infants and toddlers

Approaches for supporting infants and toddlers to build their executive function skills in the crucial early months and years of life.

Games and activities for building executive function in 3-5-year-olds

Ideas for helping young children to develop their executive function skills though play.


Executive function and supporting positive behavior

Dr Megan McClelland and Dr Shauna Tominey discuss executive function – the skills that help us to plan, focus, regulate our behavior, remember instructions and complete tasks.


A short introduction to executive function

The key things you need to know about what executive function is and how to support it in children.

"Early childhood perspectives are often overlooked in educational resource provision – it's fantastic to have our own information, which will help us cater for very young learners."

Gemma B, pre-school educator



Executive function and supporting positive behaviour in early childhood

Key insights from our webinar with Professor Megan McClelland and Dr Shauna Tominey


Executive function infographic

Executive function skills support wellbeing and success at school and in life. Find out more about how to promote and develop them
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