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Outdoor learning environments in ECE

Designing outdoor spaces in ECE that support children’s opportunities to learn and develop through many kinds of outdoor play.

Promoting children’s risky play in outdoor learning environments

The characteristics and benefits of risky play, and how to design spaces and programmes to promote it.

Outdoor play and why it’s important

An overview of the research on outdoor play and its many benefits and affordances for children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

How can I help children make the most out of outdoor play?

Strategies to help teachers in ECE settings support and promote children’s outdoor play and make the most of the many affordances of outdoor play, risky play and play in natural settings.

Curriculum and pedagogy in the outdoors

Outdoor spaces and the many types of learning through play they support.


Outdoor environments for children’s wellbeing and learning

This webinar, presented by Dr Helen Little, explores how affordances in the outdoor environment promote children’s wellbeing and learning

The importance of outdoor play in ECE

A discussion on the importance of outdoor play for children's development and how to design outdoor spaces.

"I'm looking forward to staying on top of the latest research now I know there's a central place to find it."

Kelly L, pre-school educator



Key ideas for facilitating children’s outdoor play and learning

The main insights from our webinar with Dr Helen Little on the affordances of outdoor spaces for chidren’s learning and development

The importance of natural elements in outdoor spaces in ECE

Some key considerations when designing outdoor spaces and activities in ECE.

The power of outdoor play for children

Why outdoor play is so beneficial for children and how to incorporate risky play in ECE



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