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How infants and toddlers develop movement skills

An introduction to the processes involved in learning to move.



Movement for learning: Q&A with Gill Connell

This webinar is a sequel to our 2021 webinar, exploring the role of movement in children’s learning and development, and how teachers can support children

Supporting children’s physical development from ages 0-7

Exploring the role movement plays in child development and how teachers can support children to be develop gross and fine motor skills

"When you're so busy dealing with the day-to-day, it's great that The Education Hub provides a snapshot of a topic so I can get to the information I need quickly."

Anna L, kindergarten educator



Children need to move to learn

Key insights from our webinar with Gill Connell on the importance of movement for learning

Key insights: Q&A with Gill Connell

Gill Connell answers your questions about how to support and promote movement for learning in ECE settings


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