Early mathematical thinking

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Early mathematical thinking

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Topic summary

Research reviews

An introduction to supporting early maths in early childhood education

How to recognise and develop children’s early interest in and enthusiasm for maths in early childhood settings.

Non-symbolic relations and combinations

How to spot and check understanding of magnitude comparison and simple arithmetic.

Symbolic number skills

A closer look at rote counting/ordinal relations and numerical identification.

Connecting non-symbolic to symbolic representations 

Understanding object counting, subitising and numeral knowledge.

Symbolic relations and combinations

Symbolic magnitude comparison and adding and subtracting quantities using number words or written numerals.

Spatial skills

Learn how to identify and guide spatial visualisation, form perception and visual/spatial working memory.

Repeating pattern skills

Fixing, copying, extending and abstracting patterns.

The role of pattern in children’s early mathematical understanding

How noticing and learning about patterns contributes to children's developing mathematical understanding.

Culturally responsive mathematics teaching in early childhood education

The importance of culture in children's early maths learning.


Supporting early mathematical thinking in early childhood education settings

Dr Erica Zippert talks about how to support children to explore and develop their understanding of foundational maths skills involving numeracy, patterns, and spatial understanding.


Supporting Early Maths infographic

How to support early mathematical thinking.


Developing mathematical skills in early childhood

Key insights from the webinar on early numeracy with Erica Zippert.
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