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Authentically designing a curriculum aligned to local context

This webinar discussed the elements involved in setting up a local curriculum and look at ways to work with Te Whāriki (2017) to make this happen authentically. 

Dr Anne Meade, Pedagogical Leader at Daisies Early Education and Care Centre, and Meg Kwan, Education Leader at Daisies, shared examples from their curriculum planning and learning experiences in two teaching spaces: one in the great outdoors around Tarikākā te maunga and the other in their two teaching whare.

We’ve also put together a written summary of the key ideas discussed in the webinar.

Questions for exploring this webinar further in your early childhood setting:

  • What are your beliefs about the inclusion of intentional, teacher-planned experiences as part of early childhood curriculum?
  • How might child-led and teacher-planned experiences mutually inform each other?
  • How responsive is your current curriculum planning to your local context, agreed priorities for learning, and child and whānau aspirations? How can you find out?
  • How might having a curriculum priority, goal or question at the forefront of your mind be helpful when observing and planning for children’s learning? 
  • How might you balance a focus on the learning of the group with the learning of the individual?
  • What did this webinar reinforce or affirm that you’re already doing in your practice? What small change could you explore and how would you assess its impact on children’s learning?
  • Further resources for exploring these ideas: 
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