Pedagogy for infants and toddlers

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Pedagogy for infants and toddlers

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Topic summary

Research reviews

How infants and toddlers develop movement skills

An introduction to the processes involved in learning to move.

Māori and Pasifika cultural perspectives on infant-toddler care

An introduction to the importance of culture, identity and belonging in infant and toddler pedagogy.

The Pikler/Resources for Infant Educarers™ approach

A summary of the key tenets of the Pikler/RIE philosophy of early childhood care and education.

An introduction to serve and return in early childhood education

An introduction to the concept of ‘serve and return’, the challenges it brings, and the many benefits for infants and toddlers.

Five reflective questions to ask about your infant and toddler curriculum

Five questions designed to help you reflect on the infant and toddler curriculum in your early childhood setting.


What is specialist about infant and toddler practice?

Professor Carmen Dalli and Dr Karyn Aspden explore the key messages about the specialist nature of high quality infant and toddler practice.

Building trustful relationships and promoting centre wellbeing

This webinar explores the importance of teachers’ relationships with each other in early childhood settings.

Supporting the social and emotional competence of infants and toddlers

Dr Karyn Aspden and Linda Clarke from Massey University discuss their research into the teaching practices that support social-emotional competence of infants and toddlers.

Talking Matters: What teachers need to know about language and responsive relationships

Emma Quigan from Talking Matters talks about what they have learned from their research with mothers and their children about babies’ exposure to language.

Supporting oral language development in the early years

Alison Sutton from Talking Matters talks to Vicki Hargraves about the importance of early language to lifelong learning.


Infants and toddlers pedagogy

The key components of effective pedagogy when working with infants and toddlers.


Specialised practices for infants and toddlers

Key insights from the webinar with Professor Carmen Dalli and Dr Karyn Aspden.
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