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What is bullying?

A guide to understanding what differentiates bullying from other mean and hurtful behaviours, and myths about bullying busted.

Aggression and bullying in early childhood

How to tell the difference between aggressive and bullying behaviours in young children, and strategies for addressing and preventing bullying in ECE.


Bullying and aggression in ECE

This webinar explores how bullying develops in early childhood and how to spot it, activities and strategies to prevent bullying from occurring

"Early childhood perspectives are often overlooked in educational resource provision – it's fantastic to have our own information, which will help us cater for very young learners."

Gemma B, pre-school educator



Bullying and aggression in ECE – what teachers need to know

Key ideas for teachers discussed in our bullying and aggression in ECE webinar with Dr Cara Swit.


Bullying infographic

Key principles for preventing and responding to bullying


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