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Teacher wellbeing in early years contexts

The crucial importance of teacher wellbeing and how ECE settings can protect and enhance it.

Professional learning communities in ECE

An introduction to the research on PLCs in early childhood education.

Promoting leaderful practice in team-oriented settings

An approach to team-work and leadership that emphasises concurrence, collectivity, collaboration and compassion, with strategies to promote leaderful practices among team members.


Appreciative inquiry for effective team-building

Dr Chris Jenkin (AUT) discusses the benefits and growth that come from approaching team-building from an appreciative inquiry perspective

Bicultural leadership and practice in ECE

This session with Deanna Niha, from an ECE centre in Whangarei, discusses how her centre approaches bilingual and bicultural education and leadership

Exploring relationships, collaboration and participation in diverse teaching teams

This webinar explores ways teachers might come together to harness the opportunities of diversity and relationships for the benefit of children and families.

Building trustful relationships and promoting centre wellbeing

This webinar explores the importance of teachers’ relationships with each other in early childhood settings

"Early childhood perspectives are often overlooked in educational resource provision – it's fantastic to have our own information, which will help us cater for very young learners."

Gemma B, pre-school educator



Relationships, collaboration and participation in diverse teaching teams

How teachers can build trusting relationships in diverse teaching teams in ECE

Building trustful relationships in ECE settings

Important ideas for building trustful relationships among teachers in ECE settings




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