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Preventing and responding to challenging behaviour in young children

Supporting young children with challenging behaviour can often be frustrating and stressful for teachers. This webinar, with Dr Anna Winneker (University of South Florida, USA), will focus on strategies to understand why particular behaviour may be happening and how to prevent and respond to behaviour incidents when they occur. Strategies for teaching replacement behaviours along with resources to use in ECE centres are shared.

To help you navigate the webinar easily, there is a list of the key topics covered in the session below, including the time each was discussed. The key ideas discussed in this webinar will also shared in a short insight article.

Topics discussed in this webinar

Times shown in minutes and seconds from the start of the video

2.10 What does it mean to be a behaviour detective? 
5.27 How teachers can promote children’s social development
16.00 Skills to teach to prevent challenging behaviour
23.00 Individualising strategies for children with challenging behaviour
33.32 Partnering with parents around children’s behaviour
37.10 Teaching social skills to children without language
42.06 How to respond to challenging behaviour in the moment
46.32 Concluding comments

Questions for exploring the key ideas from this webinar

How responsive and supportive are our relationships with children and families as a foundation for positive behaviour?

How engaging and appropriate are our environments for all children?

Do all children understand routines and the expectations for their behaviour in the setting? 

How well and how often do we teach children about emotions, friendship skills, problem-solving and strategies for self-regulation?

What data could we collect to learn more about why children are engaging in particular behaviours?

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