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Assessment & Intentional Teaching in Early Childhood Education (Self-Directed)

$95.00 +GST (if applicable)

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Delve deeper into the research on assessment and intentional teaching


This short course from The Education Hub explores the research on effective assessment practices in early childhood education and how these work together with intentional teaching approaches to promote rich and varied learning opportunities for children.

Who is it for?

The course is for practicing early childhood teachers and centre leaders, and provides opportunities for participants to trial new approaches and strategies as they work through the course. You can enrol as an individual teacher or as part of a group of teachers (please see the section below on group enrolments).

How does it work?

Designed to enable teachers to participate flexibly over a timeframe that suits them, it is expected that participants will spend between one and two hours each week working through the components of the course.

A rich combination of materials make the course a rich and enjoyable experience:

  • Readings
  • Videos of experts
  • Examples from practice
  • Reflective questions
  • Activities

Need more support?

The Premium Support version of this course starts on a specific date, so you can work alongside other teachers, using discussion forums to share your views and experiences, plus webinars at the start and end of the course. All this helps you get the most out of this valuable learning experience.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, a certificate will be available to download and print from each participant’s Profile page, when the course is completed.

Enrolling a group

A group of teachers from a centre can enrol and enjoy a discount of up to $30 per person on the full course fee of $95. Each teacher can then work their way through the course material in their own time, and on their own device (ideally a laptop or desktop computer). There are no classes to attend at specific times. When participants reach the end of the course, a personalised certificate will be available to download and print from their Profile page.

Group pricing

The following discounts on the NZ$95 price for this course are available to groups of teachers enrolling at one time, in one transaction.

2-4 teachers: $10 off per person ($85 each)
5-9 teachers: $20 per person ($75 each)
10+ teachers: $30 discount per person ($65 each)


If you would like to enrol a group of teachers in this course, please select the Group option in the panel on this page, and choose a name for your group. If you want to participate in the course as well, choose ‘Enrol me’ and include yourself in the total number of participants. If you are not participating in the course, you will just be the administrator for your group.

After you have purchased the enrolments, the purchaser can add all the participants from the Group enrolment admin link, which will show on their Profile page once the transaction is complete. If you wish to add more participants to your group later on, you will need to register them separately from this page. Please note that to qualify for the multiple enrolment discount, participants must be enrolled at the same time, in one transaction. Higher discount levels cannot be applied retrospectively. Swapping participants after enrolment may be possible, with the approval of The Education Hub.

If you have any other questions about group enrolments, please refer to our FAQ section or email us.

Technology requirements

The course works best on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It is not optimised for small screens or smartphones.

of participants said they would recommend this course to a colleague

What people say about the Assessment & Intentional Teaching in Early Childhood Education course

“I loved how the course was laid out. It was easy to leave and pick up where I had left off. The site was easy to navigate and I liked the videos that backed up the reading.”

Course participant
Early childhood centre manager

“I liked the mix of different aspects that kept things interesting, I enjoyed sharing my new learning with my colleagues and I loved learning new practical aspects of story writing.”

Course participant
Early childhood teacher

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of this trial. It has renewed my passion for writing meaningful learning stories that are backed up with intentional teaching and show progression of learning and development.”

Course trial participant
Early childhood teacher

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