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Explore the research on effective assessment practices in early childhood education and how these work together with intentional teaching approaches to promote rich and varied learning opportunities for children. Throughout the course you will hear from experts and explore case studies of effective practice from teachers and leaders in early childhood centres. The course provides opportunities to put into practice the knowledge and strategies you are learning.

Designed for practising early childhood teachers and centre leaders, the course will particularly benefit newer teachers or those wanting to refresh and update their knowledge.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how effective assessment practices in early childhood education support teachers’ intentional practices and enhance children’s learning
  • Develop skills in using the learning story format of early childhood assessment to examine the processes and principles of assessing and responding to learning in early childhood settings.

The course has a strong focus on understanding the nature of quality in assessment in Early Childhood Education (ECE), and on helping you to engage in high-quality assessment practice that supports you to notice, recognise, and respond to children’s learning in intentional and meaningful ways.

Interviews with

  • Associate Professor Sue Cherrington
  • Dr Tara McLaughlin

Case studies of practice

  • Lorraine Manuela discusses the practices she and her team use at Tots Corner in Auckland
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Time commitment

Allow 8-10 weeks, 60 minutes per week, plus putting your learning into practice in your own work context

Flexible engagement

With course content available 24-7 and no cut-off date, you can choose when to engage with the learning materials

Multimodal learning

A rich mix of interviews, readings, video case-studies, reflections, and practical activities

What you’ll learn

PART 1 Assessment for intentional teaching  

Introduces the concept of intentional teaching and how it aligns with educational theory, as well as unpacking the relationship between assessment and intentional teaching.

PART 2 Introducing assessment practices 

Covers the broad principles of early childhood assessment practice and describes some of the practices that support these principles, including a discussion of principles from Kaupapa Māori assessment practice.

PART 3 Gathering information about children’s learning  

Explores different ways to find out about children’s learning, including effective observation practice as well as less common means of gathering information, such as time-sampling and event-sampling.

PART 4 Multiple perspectives  

Theorises why it is important to seek information and interpretations from a variety of others involved in a child’s learning and explores the best ways to solicit meaningful discussion and share perspectives with children, families, and teaching teams.

PART 5 Learning stories  

Examines how assessments of learning can be presented to learners, their families, and others, using the learning story format, including the potential and limitations of learning stories.

PART 6 Narrative assessment techniques  

Provides detailed information about how a learning story might be constructed, with particular attention to the ways in which you might formally analyse and interpret data about children’s learning, offering several different lenses and prompts to aid you with analysis.

PART 7 Responding with intentionality  

Focuses on intentional teaching, and explores the ways in which we might construct intentional responses to the learning data we have collected, interpreted, and analysed.

PART 8 Assessment and intentional teaching in daily practice  

Provides opportunities to reflect upon how to put the practices you’ve learned through the course into a robust and manageable assessment process, including additional ways to record assessment data besides the learning story approach.

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