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Supporting students to develop effective study skills

A guide to help teachers support their students to develop good study habits, use effective learning strategies, and stay motivated while working independently.

Homework for secondary school students

An overview of research-based approaches to setting high-quality homework for secondary school students that is effective and purposeful.

Homework for primary school students

A summary of the evidence about whether or not primary school students should do homework, how much is appropriate, and what kinds of tasks and activities should be set as homework.


Homework infographic

The key principles to bear in mind if you choose to set homework for your students


What does the research say about homework?

Cathy shares a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise on how teachers and schools should be thinking about homework.

"I found this section really informative – the case studies make it really easy to see how to take the next step... into the classroom"

Helen J, Year 5 teacher



Key insights on homework from Cathy Vatterott

Useful guidelines on whether or not to set homework, how much to set, and how to design high quality homework tasks.



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