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An introduction to gifted and talented education

An overview of the different definitions and understandings of giftedness, along with a set of strategies that schools and teachers can use to better support gifted and talented students.

Twice-exceptional students

Understanding twice-exceptional students and how to support them in the classroom.


Gifted and talented education infographic

Discover strategies for schools and teachers to help support gifted and talented students


Gifted education

Justine Munro and Madelaine Armstrong-Willcocks explore what is important and what works in gifted education and share insights from their work with the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education

"I found this section really informative – the case studies make it really easy to see how to take the next step... into the classroom"

Helen J, Year 5 teacher



Supporting gifted students in schools 

Key insights from our webinar with Justine and Madelaine from the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.



Social connectedness by Associate Professor Hunter Gehlbach

Associate Professor Hunter Gehlbach talks about how teachers and schools can help support social connectedness.
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