Topic summary

Research reviews

Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance

An introduction to a rare but distinct form of autism.

Supporting autistic children using a visual scheduling tool

A visual scheduling tool designed to support autistic children with their learning and wellbeing.

Teaching students with autism: strategies for secondary school teachers

A set of practical strategies and approaches to help teachers support students with autism to thrive at secondary school.

Autism: an overview

A brief introduction to autism and what it means for teaching and learning.

Teaching students with autism: Strategies for primary school teachers

An introduction to evidence-based strategies that can be used for teaching students with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream primary school settings.


Supporting neurodivergent students in the classroom


Neurodiversity in education

Exploring the challenges that neurodiverse students face in schools and as they move on to tertiary education, as well as how teachers and schools can help to ameliorate these challenges


The neurodiversity paradigm

How can you adopt a strengths-based approach to help neurodiverse students succeed in your classroom?


Removing barriers to success for neurodivergent students

Dr Chiara Horlin offeres practical ways that teachers and schools can help to ameliorate these challenges and support neurodivergent students to celebrate and use their strengths in the classroom.
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