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An introduction to resilience in educational settings

The importance of resilience to student learning and success, and tips for building students' resilience.

Strategies for helping students build their resilience

A set of practical strategies designed to help students develop resilience in their learning.

An introduction to the role of Artificial Intelligence in classrooms and schools

A guide to the latest developments in artificial intelligence and what they mean for teaching and learning.

Strategies for supporting students with FASD

A set of approaches and strategies for promoting the wellbeing and achievement of students with FASD at school.

Engaging and effective teaching and learning in secondary school mathematics and statistics

An introduction to effective and inspiring approaches to teaching mathematics and statistics at secondary school level.

Teaching spelling in primary and intermediate schools

Key principles and strategies for teaching spelling across all levels of primary school.

Effective vocabulary instruction

The importance of vocabulary knowledge and how to teach it in literacy programmes and across the curriculum.

Visual Arts infographic

How children use visual arts and how teachers can help.

The neurodiversity paradigm

How can you adopt a strengths-based approach to help neurodiverse students succeed in your classroom?

Creativity infographic

Creativity in education and how teachers can support it

Bullying infographic

Key principles for preventing and responding to bullying

Principles of assessment infographic

High-quality assessment and how it supports learning

Mātauranga Māori in education

This webinar explores questions related to mātauranga Māori in education.

Visual arts – a practical workshop

Dr Gai Lindsay provides a practical session focused on supporting teachers with their own art-making as well as their pedagogy around the visual arts in early childhood education.

Māori achieving success as Māori

Janelle Riki-Waaka explores what Māori achieving success as Māori means from a Māori worldview, and how teachers and schools can consider how well their...

Understanding ADHD

Thursday July 20 Dr Dione Healey (University of Otago) shares insights from her extensive research into ADHD, much of which is concerned with supporting...

Supporting Pasifika students through dialogic approaches

June 13, 2023 Watch Dr Jacinta Oldehaver (University of Auckland) discuss her research into how utilising dialogic pedagogical approaches can positively support the engagement and...

"I'm finding much more useful ideas on this website. I especially like the posters and resources we can display around school"

Rosa, middle school leader


Social connectedness

Associate Professor Hunter Gehlbach talks about how teachers and schools can help support social connectedness.
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