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Mathematics and statistics teaching at primary school

There is no shortage of advice about how to approach mathematics and statistics teaching in primary school and it is often difficult to know the ‘best’ way to structure mathematics and statistics programmes so that all students can access ideas and make sound progress.

In this webinar, Associate Professor Fiona Ell and Dr Lisa Darragh (University of Auckland) discuss principles that teachers can use to design maths lessons, and mathematics and statistics programmes more broadly. They explore what research suggests are ways to organise and design for learning that include all students and stimulate engagement and progress in mathematics and statistics.

To help you navigate the webinar easily, there is a list of the key topics covered in the session below, including the time each was discussed. The key ideas discussed in this webinar are also shared in a short insight article.

Webinar timings:

2.34The importance of the overall structure and organisation of mathematics programmes
8.35The four main aspects to consider when organising a mathematics programme
10.53How the four main aspects of mathematics programmes contribute to developing positive maths identities in students
11.37How to check if your mathematics programme contains the four key aspects
13.36When and how should problem-solving be brought into mathematics programmes?
16.40Can skills and knowledge be taught through problem-solving?
22.32The role of maths games in daily and weekly mathematics programmes
26.08The importance and role of practice in mathematics programmes
34.48Approaches to diferentiation and grouping
41.00Can Universal Design for Learning (UDL) support students with specific learning needs?
44.52The role of technology in mathematics teaching

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