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School libraries as safe spaces promoting literacy and wellbeing

The role and value of school libraries.

How to plan for whole-school literacy

Priorities and guidelines for developing a school-wide literacy policy.

Turning boys of all ages into life-long readers

Research-based strategies for encouraging boys to read for enjoyment.

Literacy: Why it matters

The importance of literacy is promoting a wide range of outcomes in education and beyond

How to encourage teens to read

Why reading for pleasure is so beneficial for teenagers' learning and wellbeing, and what the research says about getting them to read more.

Marginalised adolescent literacy learners

How to support students who need to make accelerated progress in literacy.

Literacy across the curriculum at secondary school

The importance of literacy teaching and learning across all curriculum areas at secondary school, and strategies for taking a cross-curricular approach.

Reading in the digital age

Professor Emerita Naomi Baron of American University discussed the extensive research from the past decade that has explored the nature and impact of reading digitally

Literacy for secondary learning area teachers

Practical ways that secondary school teachers can use effective literacy approaches in their classroom teaching and learning programmes

The state of literacy webinar

The perilous state of literacy in New Zealand – The Education Hub launches its latest report with a panel discussion


"It's great to have one place to find useful resources."

David, Year 11 teacher
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