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Using social media to support the transition from early childhood education to school

Innovative ways to use Facebook and other social media tools to support the transition to school.

Supporting children and their families through the transition to school

Practical ways that early childhood education and primary school teachers can help ensure that the transition to school is a positive and successful experience for children and their families.

The transition to secondary school

An overview of the research on the transition from primary to secondary school, and how schools and families can support students through the challenges and opportunities that this transition creates.

Transitions from early childhood education to school – Part 2

This webinar examines the Pathways section of Te Whāriki and its potential to support learning as children transition from early childhood education to school.

Understanding and enhancing young children’s transitions – Part 1

Sally Peters and Hazel Woodhouse from the University of Waikato explore transitions in the early years.

"I really struggle to find time for things like this in a normal week, so having a short-cut to new and relevant information is just brilliant – thanks!"

Kylie, intermediate school leader


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