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Developing the components of executive function in the primary school classroom

An exploration of the different skills that make up executive function, and how to develop them in primary school classrooms.

Strategies for promoting executive function in secondary school

Approaches for supporting secondary school students to consciously build and hone their executive function skills.

Supporting self-regulation through self-instruction and self-monitoring

The importance of self-regulation to learning and how students can be supported to become self-regulated learners.

An introduction to ADHD

A brief introduction to ADHD and a set of strategies to help support students with ADHD in the classroom.

The neurodiversity paradigm

How can you adopt a strengths-based approach to help neurodiverse students succeed in your classroom?

Understanding ADHD

Thursday July 20 Dr Dione Healey (University of Otago) shares insights from her extensive research into ADHD, much of which is concerned with supporting...

Neurodiversity in education

Exploring the challenges that neurodiverse students face in schools and as they move on to tertiary education, as well as how teachers and schools can help to ameliorate these challenges

"I found this section really informative – the case studies make it really easy to see how to take the next step... into the classroom"

Helen J, Year 5 teacher


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