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Executive function in primary school

An overview of executive function, why it’s important, and how it can be supported and developed at primary school.

Developing the components of executive function in the primary school classroom

An exploration of the different skills that make up executive function, and how to develop them in primary school classrooms.

Games and activities for promoting executive function in lower primary school

A closer look at some strategies for helping students in Years 1-4 develop their executive function skills.

Activities and approaches for promoting executive function in upper primary school

A range of games and activities to support students in Years 5-8 to build their executive function skills.

Executive function in secondary school

How to support and promote essential executive function skills in secondary school classrooms.

Strategies for promoting executive function in secondary school

Approaches for supporting secondary school students to consciously build and hone their executive function skills.

Executive function infographic

Executive function skills support wellbeing and success at school and in life. Find out more about how to promote and develop them

A short introduction to executive function

The key things you need to know about what executive function is and how to support it in children.

"I found this section really informative – the case studies make it really easy to see how to take the next step... into the classroom"

Helen J, Year 5 teacher


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