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What is an ILE?

An overview of the terminology and key principles associated with innovative learning environments.

Principles for learning underpinning ILE

The key learning principles underpinning innovative learning environments.

A brief introduction to pedagogies for ILE

A closer look at innovative pedagogies for innovative learning environments.

ILE and collaborative teaching

The principles of collaborative teaching and why it is so important in innovative learning environments.

ILE and learning

The key principles for learning that underpin the design and use of innovative learning environments.

ILE and technology

An exploration of the relationship between digital technology and innovative learning environments.

Infographic: elements of the Learning Environment

The key elements of innovative learning environments at a glance.

"Your work is valuable and education is lucky to have your insight, knowledge and courage to try something new. I have found the research that you put up on The Education Hub very interesting. It is generating a lot of discussion and thought in our staffroom."

Suzanne, Year 3-4 teacher


Advice for working in innovative learning environments by Dr Leon Benade

Dr Leon Benade offers some advice for teachers and school leaders who are working or thinking about working in ILE.
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