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Professional Learning Communities: Teachers collaborating for professional learning and improvement

Key insights from our webinar with Sue Cherrington, Kate Thornton, and Rachel Denee on the role of PLCs in teacher professional learning.

Teacher self-efficacy and the visual arts in early childhood education

Key insights from our webinar with Gai Lindsay, Sarah Probine, and Rachel Denee on the importance of teacher self-efficacy in teaching the visual arts.

Supporting children to become bilingual in Aotearoa New Zealand

Key insights from our webinar on bilingualism with Associate Professor Mere Skerrett.

Why oral language is foundational for literacy

Powerful practices for building oral language capability from our webinar with speech language therapist Emma Nahna

Supporting gifted students in schools 

Key insights from our webinar with Justine and Madelaine from the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of student motivation

Key insights from the highly practical and informative webinar with Professor Andrew Martin on student motivation and engagement

Teaching writing at primary school

A summary of some of the key insight's from Helen Wall's highly informative webinar on teaching writing

What to consider when designing mathematics programmes in primary school

A summary of the key insights from the webinar on primary school mathematics, with Fiona Ell and Lisa Darragh

How to support autistic children in ECE

Insights from our webinar with Hannah Waddington and Jessica Tupou on supporting autistic children in ECE settings

Children need to move to learn

Key insights from our webinar with Gill Connell on the importance of movement for learning
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