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Heidi Leeson

Understanding your students’ socio-emotional learning

Tuesday April 47.30PM (NZST) Watch Dr Heidi Leeson (Monocle Education) discuss social-emotional learning (SEL) and share her latest research on the most impactful areas of...

What switches students on and off?

Professor Andrew Martin presents a guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of student motivation
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Movement and learning in early primary

Exploring the role movement plays in brain development and how movement prepares children for the rigours of formal learning

Enabling student wellbeing and social-emotional learning

The wellbeing of our rangatahi is a notable priority of the New Zealand Government. Yet, New Zealand ranks 35th of 41 for child and adolescent wellbeing in developed countries
Tauhora College teachers on increasing engagement and motivation

Increasing Year 9 and 10 students’ engagement and motivation in STEM

Discover how two teachers used real-world problems drawn from their local community to engage students in collaborative problem-solving

Classroom Management for positive and productive learning environments

Heather Peshak George explores what research says about the strategies, practices and approaches to classroom and behaviour management that promote positive and productive learning environments.
Benjamin Riley

What is learning by scientific design?

Benjamin Riley, the founder of Deans for Impact, explores how teachers can design learning experiences for students rooted in scientific insight
Learning Trajectory webinar with Jared_Cooney_Horvath

Learning trajectory – from shallow to deep to transfer

Dr Jared Cooney Horvath explores how humans take in, embody, and utilize new information and ideas
Patrice Bain on the science of learning

Unleash the Science of Learning in your classroom

Patrice Bain shares the valuable experience she has gained from working with cognitive scientists over the past fifteen years
Harry Fletcher-Wood

Student motivation and engagement when learning from home

Harry Fletcher-Wood discusses the research on motivation and engagement as well as practical techniques teachers and school leaders can use to increase student engagement.
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