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Why is literacy important?

Exploring the importance of literacy at school and in life beyond school.

What does the research say about the impact of streaming, setting and attainment grouping...

Digging into the research on the impact of streaming or grouping on student outcomes and equity in education.

Beyond the digital divide: How has covid-19 shone a light on long-present educational inequalities?

With the mass shift to online and distance learning, both in New Zealand and around the world, a spotlight has been shone on the inequalities that exist within education.

Beyond teaching philosophy: why memory is so important for all learning

Memory and memorisation get rather a bad rap in education. Memorisation frequently is associated with rote learning, students passively listening to lectures, and generally...

Developing a more nuanced understanding of social emotional learning and its role in schools

Key things for teachers and schools to think about when exploring social emotional learning

Five big questions, with no easy answers

Five big questions that arise from an account of the US's most successful charter school network.
Insight post

Questioning common rhetoric and catchphrases in education; why it’s necessary

Education is full of seemingly intuitive statements. However, when we stop and think about their implications, their plausibility quickly diminishes.

What can the research evidence tell us about technology in education?

The importance of schools developing a critical stance towards educational technology

Can deep reading help to build empathy and acceptance in our young people?

How online reading can limit our ability to read deeply and develop empathy
research 5 myths

The research behind our ‘Five Myths’ article

Where does the research behind the 'five myths' actually come from?
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