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Now I don’t know my ABC

This report from The Education Hub provides an overview of our research findings, including recommendations for how to improve the state of literacy in New Zealand

Burnside Primary School Bright Spots Report

A written report discussing the work being done at Burnside Primary School with a focus to develop students’ confidence and competence to communicate through a school-wide initiative to improve the teaching of oral language.

Problems of practice: The teaching and learning priorities of New Zealand early childhood teachers

ECE teachers' perspectives on the greatest teaching and learning challenges they face.

Problems of practice: The teaching and learning priorities of New Zealand school teachers

Summary of Education Hub research on what New Zealand teachers consider to be their greatest teaching and learning challenges.
Learning from Lockdown report

Learning from Lockdown

The Education Hub’s exclusive research uncovers the experiences of teachers, students and parents while learning at home during school closures.

Learning from lockdown: Trying to understand the variations in student engagement

Exploring the factors that contributed to varying engagement levels among school students during lockdown.

On Knowledge; Towards understandings of the place(s), space(s) and role(s) of knowledge in and...

A response to the somewhat contested place knowledge currently holds in schools and education. It explores the various conceptualisations and roles of knowledge in education through eight chapters by guest contributors.

The Quest for Scale: achieving system-wide innovation and improvement in education

A critical investigation into the literature on scale and scaling in education and whether an alternative paradigm for achieving improvement at scale in education is required.

White Paper: From Tinkering to Intelligent Action

This white paper explores the absence of a built-for-purpose R&D system in education that supports the generation, dissemination and application of usable knowledge to foster system-wide innovation and improvement in our schools.
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