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Marek Tesar

Children’s voices in early childhood curriculum

Professor Marek Tesar (University of Auckland) and Dr Vicki Hargraves discuss the importance of incorporating children’s voices in to curriculum design and implementation in early childhood settings.

Culturally responsive mathematics education

Associate Professor Jodie Hunter (Massey University) shares insights from her extensive classroom-based research into the use of culturally responsive approaches to teaching and learning mathematics in primary school

Supporting oral language in primary schools

Emma Nahna joined us for a follow-up webinar to explore in more detail strategies teachers can employ to support oral language development across the primary school years

Reading in the digital age

Professor Emerita Naomi Baron of American University discussed the extensive research from the past decade that has explored the nature and impact of reading digitally
Gai Lindsay, Sarah Probine and Rachel Denee

Visual arts and teacher self-efficacy beliefs

Dr Gai Lindsay, Dr Sarah Probine, and Dr Rachel Denee talk about their research about the role of ECE teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs in their visual arts practices

Oral language foundations for literacy

Speech language therapist and literacy consultant Emma Nahna talks about the fundamental importance of oral language as part a broad, rich literacy programme
Literacy expert Dr Christine Braid

Teaching children to read and write

Dr Christine Braid shares her vast knowledge and expertise around the processes involved in learning to read and write
Erica Zippert

Supporting early mathematical thinking in ECE settings

Dr Erica Zippert talks about how to support children to explore and develop their understanding of foundational maths skills involving numeracy, patterns, and spatial understanding
Helen Walls

Teaching writing at primary school

Dr Helen Walls, classroom practitioner and researcher, will present the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of writing instruction, including the re-evaluation of some widely-accepted practices

Early musical learning

Watch Greta Bull-Crossan discuss ways musical play can be supported and empowered across infant, toddler and preschool age groups
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