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Preventing burnout among principals

Specific advice on avoiding and dealing with burnout among principals and school leaders

Preventing burnout in schools

What leads to burnout among teachers, and how to prevent and address it

The importance of teacher wellbeing

An introduction to the research on the factors that contribute to teacher wellbeing, and some practical tips and tools for supporting and promoting the wellbeing of teachers and students.

Supporting the wellbeing of teachers, students and parents

Clinical psychologist and Parentland co-founder Dr Natalie Flynn discussed the research behind the importance of supporting wellbeing right now, as well as practical strategies to support mental health.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar! It felt great too having it early on Saturday as I wasn’t tired from a day’s work, and I could reflect on it throughout the day, without work on my mind! I love the easy access and uninterrupted talks (without the chat boxes) that you have created. It’s a great job that you and the team do."

Joanna A, senior tutor


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